Thursday, January 01, 2009

Halp! My Google Account has been hacked

In my dream, I wake up and go to my computer.  I click on my Gmail and find that I can't log in.  I quickly move over to my blog and see the whole layout is messed up and all the posts are gone!  I try to log in, but I can't.  Someone has hacked into my Google account and wreaked havoc on all my stuff!  I'm at a loss to what I should do, should I call Google?  Would they even give a flying duck?  I am  completely traumatized and scared.  Who would do this to me?

Observation:  This indeed could be a reality if someone were to get a hold of my Google account password.  And the fact that so much of my Internet interests are tied to one company only speaks to the fact that Google is becoming evil empire number two (Microsoft being number one, of course).  But I suppose that I should back up my gmail, even though it is full of crap (easier to archive than delete sometimes), and back up my blog regularly.  And maybe change my password every once in a while.  Besides, who would care about my email and blogs?  There are bigger fish to fry.  And I doubt that Google will lock out my account, being the insurgent that I am...

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Momisodes said...

OMG! That is awful! I never even thought of someone breaking into my email. OH is would be so devastating! I'm going to change my password NOW.

Half of that nightmare actually came true for me. I was on the phone with a friend and they said, "whoa, what's with today's post?"

The post was not published by me. :(