Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Avelox Dream 2 - School Bus Police

Lots of broken sleep and dream fragments on the second night of Avelox, but only one dream sequence with a semblance of a plot:

I'm at home on a school day and I read a story to my daughter about this girl who makes magic muffins.  When you eat them, there is a surprise inside, a bee.  The bee will buzz around in your mouth and when you open your mouth, the bee will fly out.  We decide to make our own magic muffins and just use a chocolate chip for the bee.  They turned out to be golden brown overfilled muffins and I put them in a cloth-lined basket like any proper domestic hostess.  All of a sudden I notice the time and it is 5:15pm.  OMG, that is an hour and a half since we were supposed to pick up Adam at the bus stop.  I ask my husband frantically about it and he seems unfazed.  "Didn't you hear the phone ring?"  Apparently it did while I was in the shower while the muffins were baking.  "Is he stranded at the school?  What's going to happen to him?" 

"Don't worry, Mr. Robinson will drop him off," my husband replies.  And sure enough, a pair of headlights drive up our driveway. 

My son comes in the door and I immediately embrace him.  "I'm so sorry we missed you!" I exclaim.
"It's OK, mom" he replies and heads inside. 

I notice that Mr. Robinson comes in as well as his two girls who are older than Adam.  It appears that they want to stay a while.  "Thank you so much for bringing my son home, Mr. Robinson," I say with utmost respect.  He follows me inside and I begin to worry that he he checking out our home to make sure that we don't abuse or neglect our children.  They see the huge basket of muffins, and I tell them to help themselves.  My dining room is much bigger than in real life and it is positioned differently in our house.  There are a row of metal shelves with gleaming pots and pans on them to separate the dining room from the living room.  Thankfully, the house looks respectable, and Mr. Robinson starts looking around.  He goes upstairs and I worry that he is going to peek into my son's room which is completely trashed with Legos.   I hope that he doesn't ding me for my son's sloppiness.  Thankfully, he only peeks into my daughter's room and looks satisfied. 

Later that night, I'm in a town trying to cash in on some bottle deposits.  I sit in front of a machine and feed it my cans and bottles. I leave the big two liter bottles for last and find that I can't get the last bottle to take.  I keep trying and pushing and I get covered in a sticky purple gel.  I look at the bottle and realize that it is not a soda bottle, but a huge squeeze bottle of Welch's grape jelly.  I realize that I can't recycle this so I put it aside.  I want to clean the sticky mess off my hands before I get my receipt, so I take some hand sanitizer from the dispenser on the wall and a bunch of paper towels to get  my hands clean.  A lady behind me starts to put her own cans into the machine and I tell her to wait, I haven't gotten my receipt yet.  I quickly press the button grab my receipt with my hands which are covered in alcohol and leave.  I get about 20 feet from the place and the lady runs after me with a copy of my receipt yelling, "It's you!  You're the one who didn't pick up her son at the bus stop!  You're not allowed to have that money, it's bail money!"  OMG, I'm not sure what she is talking about.  I start to run and she is yelling at everyone to follow me.

Observations:  I think I was too traumatized thinking that I had to remember a dream for a daily Avelox post.  Obviously, neither my husband nor I would ever forget to pick up our son at the bus stop.  And I never get the deposits back for my cans and bottles, I just recycle them.  But two nights in a row with oversized muffins!  I always make them normal sized. So no more promises on Avelox dreams unless I have a really good one.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Avelox Dream 1 - Magical Party with Flying Cars

I'm taking a course of Avelox, and supposedly you can have abnormal dreams. This first night's dream seemed pretty vivid, but normal in terms of dream content, at least for me. I figure it is a good excuse to add more posts to this blog!

It is wintertime and I'm at a work party which is on an island not to far from the hotel. With a few friends, I walk over to the party location which is held outside and covered with Christmas lights. As we get closer, I notice one of my co-workers putting finishing touches on an ice window. He's using a hose to spray a mist onto a cold surface, and when he removes the backing, it looks like a pane of glass, except it is made of ice. The ice window is amazingly clear and smooth but there are some ripples in it so you can tell it is ice. I look around and see many of these windows sparkling with the lights and all framed with fluffy snow like a collar. Some windows are square, some are round, some are tall and others line the walkway. I'm really impressed with his work. As we get closer, I can hear a band singing songs. It's not an ordinary band, they looks like three dimensional gingerbread people, not flat, but full-size people with oversized heads. They're singing a song that I know and we all start to sing along. Not only are they singing, they are making huge cupcakes and donuts with cream stuffing overflowing out of them. I think, I better not eat any of those. It seems like a perfect night and I look up and see that the sky is turning a beautiful dark blue. Against the snow frosted ice windows, it looks absolutely beautiful. I think, gee, I really want to take a photograph of this, but I gotta hurry and get my camera at the hotel, this blue color won't last long. I start to walk back, but realize that it will take too long, so I hop into a van that my mom is driving.

My mom was driving in the right direction, so I stop paying attention. Suddenly, I see the party place go by and I realize that we are headed the wrong way. I say "Wait, you have to turn around!" She said "I can't right now." Suddenly we are heading over a bridge to another island. I see that she is running a GPS and I can see that this island is pretty small and you can make your way back around pretty easily. I tell her to take the turnaround, but she tries to and goes off in another direction. We end up on another bridge going to another island. I tell her to slow down, we need to retrace our steps. We are whizzing around the map, skipping from island to island until one of the roads becomes a boat landing and swish we are suddenly in the water.

Great, now we have to rescue ourselves out of the water! But magically, the van floats. At this point, I'm tired of her driving and I take the wheel. I try to navigate the van back to shore. The van seems to run, very slowly, but it moves in the water. Once we get back to shore, I take the GPS and try to program the way back to the hotel. This GPS is strange, it opens into two screen left and right and it is very hard to control. I think I get the destination right, so I try the demo to see what roads it picked. It actually goes through a dramatization of the ride and I see the roads go by in fast motion. It comes to the edge of an island, and suddenly the car becomes a rocketship and flies over to the next island. Great, that's never going to work, this car can float but it can't fly! Now I gotta reprogram the GPS so that it doesn't do any flying routes.

I'm still fiddling with the GPS when I awaken totally frustrated.

Observations: The GPS was definitely like a Nintendo DS held sideways as you do in Brain Age 2 and that's what I was playing before I went to sleep. The whole route demo with the flying car looked like it was out of The Simpson's Hit and Run game. Definitely a lot of video game influences in this dream.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Halp! My Google Account has been hacked

In my dream, I wake up and go to my computer.  I click on my Gmail and find that I can't log in.  I quickly move over to my blog and see the whole layout is messed up and all the posts are gone!  I try to log in, but I can't.  Someone has hacked into my Google account and wreaked havoc on all my stuff!  I'm at a loss to what I should do, should I call Google?  Would they even give a flying duck?  I am  completely traumatized and scared.  Who would do this to me?

Observation:  This indeed could be a reality if someone were to get a hold of my Google account password.  And the fact that so much of my Internet interests are tied to one company only speaks to the fact that Google is becoming evil empire number two (Microsoft being number one, of course).  But I suppose that I should back up my gmail, even though it is full of crap (easier to archive than delete sometimes), and back up my blog regularly.  And maybe change my password every once in a while.  Besides, who would care about my email and blogs?  There are bigger fish to fry.  And I doubt that Google will lock out my account, being the insurgent that I am...