Thursday, May 08, 2008

Recursive Dreaming: Waking in a dream, only to realize it is a dream.....huh?

I don't dream very often, so my dreams are normally short, and easy to explain.....

This was seemed to be a dream in a dream...or something to that affect.

In my dream, I was asleep in this Bed and Breakfast that I am currently staying at. I on the futon couch in the living room....just as I had gone to sleep on. Then, at about 1:00am (in the dream anyways)....I woke up when my friend came into the apartment (B&B), and started looking around in the dark.

I looked up, and they saw me, and sat down on the edge of the couch....

I asked how they got in, and said I was sure the door was locked. They told me the people across the hall were having a fight, and were embarrassed that she was seeing them fight and offered to let her into this room. (I should have realized there was a problem right there, because there is no room "right across the hall"....but I guess I was dreaming so...)

I then asked how they had a key to this room, and she said they must have been the Superintendents of the building....which I felt OK about for some reason.

I asked my friend if my daugher Kristen looked comfortable in the other room, and she said she had saw me first and hadn't peeked in there yet.

I decided to look in and check, and started to get I got up, it was very moving through ever thickening which point I exclaimed "Ok...this is a dream", and woke up.....but I didn't actually wake up....but I don't remember what happened next...

Later on when I did actually wake and put my feet to the floor...this dream was clear and in my head....but what happened after I stood on the floor (in my dream) was no where to be found.

I have no observation, except that I did to to sleep sort of lonely. I did think about everyone in my family, and my friends.....happy to have so many good people in my life.

I suppose seeing my friend who traveled all the way to NYC made me feel good and less lonely...but the dream inside a dream was a new thing for me!

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Angela said...

I wake up within dreams all the time. Sometimes, I dream I get up and then something bizarre happens so I finally realize that I'm dreaming. And I do it again and again and again. Sometimes it takes me 5 times before I actually wake up and I'm exhausted from trying to get up so many times and having so many bizarre things happen to me.