Monday, May 05, 2008

Golfing with a friend......

I was on a tee at Ponkapoag Golf Course which looked like a combination of the 2nd hole on course #2 and the 14th hole on course #1. We were teeing off, and it was my drive.

I tee'd the ball up, addressed it...then felt the ball was too high.

I re-tee'd it up, addressed it.....then felt it was too high.

I tee'd the ball up, addressed it...and the ball fell off the tee.

I tee'd the ball up, addressed it...and I wasn't comfortable with my foot positioning. (bump in the tee grass)

It went on like this for about 1 hour.....and I never did get to drive the ball. I think I woke up frustrated.

What this means, I do not know. It seems to indicate some hesitation I might have about doing something with them, but I just don't sense anything like that, so I am not at all sure.

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