Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knitting Karaoke Pool Relay Race

Sometimes the title says it all, here goes...

I'm in line for a relay race where I have to run up to a table and knit a row of stitches. There are lots of teams running this race and I'm trying to psych our team up by cheering them on. I have fairly large white plastic knitting needles in my hand, ready to jump in to knit my row of stitches. I imagine doing them with chunky off-white cotton yarn with colored speckles. When I get up to the front of the line, I realize that it's really a pool table and not a knitting table but I don't have a pool cue, only these knitting needles. I don't think hitting the cue ball with the knitting needle would work very well, and am relieved to see that there are spare pool cues to use. I run up to the table and line up the shot. I realize that it's been years since I've played and hope that I could still make the shot. It is a fairly easy shot, but I see that it is tricky. The ball is fairly close to the corner pocket and if I overspin the cue ball, it would go in too. But if I underspin the cue ball too much, it would roll back and drop into the side pocket. So I decide to shoot is slightly off center so that the ball would hit the bumper of the pocket before going in and the cue ball would bounce slightly to the side and avoid any pockets. I shoot and it goes exactly as I planned.

I run down to the next station which is a TV monitor replay station. I watch in slow motion as I wait my turn in line. I see that I'm wearing a short sleeve yellow plaid shirt which I don't like very much but looks OK. My hair is more styled than usual, with a long curl on the bottom which bounces as I run up to the table. When I get to the table, I see that I raise my knitting needle up to my mouth and start singing. I realize that karaoke was part of the race as well although I don't remember doing it. The song is in slow motion so I don't hear it and then I see myself line up the pool shot.

Observations: Been knitting a lot lately, obviously causing disjointed knitting dreams! I like this dream because it is full of details and watching myself on TV was an interesting twist as well.