Friday, October 26, 2007

Not much of a dream......but my dreams are so few and far between I take what I can get!

This is really just a snippet of what might have been a very long dream, but it is all I can remember. (please recall that I never ever remember my matter how hard I try)

Last night I was driving in my car, and I believe I was on my way home. The road I was on was not a familiar one though and it was night time.

I was pretty much on the road all by myself, though I had the sense that it was a multi-lane road which would normally have other cars. But as I drove, things began to impede my travels.

First, my glasses became very fogged.....I was struggling to keep them fog free by rubbing and wiping the condensation away. I was able to stay on the road even though I was very distracted. (in fact, there was no memory of radio or passengers at that time)

I then found there was something covering the windshield. I sort of recall that it looked like snow, except it also looked like a bed blanket. It only partially covered the windshield in front of my face, but I was able to peek over to the right and see past it...but it then moved slowly over to the right to the point where I could only look to the right of it and see the edge of the road going by.

It was getting dark, and I was basically watching the grass to road interface and keeing the car just on the road. I came very close to hitting a telephone guide wire and when the road took a few twists and turns to the left I almost left the road. (or made me slow down)

I then remember that I had one of my daughters in the car. It would change from Kim to Kristen fr some reason...and it would seem I had both in there, but I remember looking around and seeing only one.

They were not worried about my driving, though I seemed to have a consern about staying on the road and getting us home w/o accident.

The windshield was still blocked, but as I started to feel OK about my driving, the car began to lose power. It was as if the fuel was running low or had water in it....the car began to skip and studder.....but I pumped the peddle and it just kept going.

I never did make it home, or to any road I knew.....I simply woke up. It seemed sort of like an "Old man and the sea" sort of struggle....though I never ended up with the fish. (and I guess he didn't either)

What does this've got me. Life is a struggle I suppose...and I suppose I was "winning" this one.....

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Azmiel said...

Never stop to dream because some times your drem will came true

Best Regards

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