Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Early or Perhaps Belated Christmas Present

This is but a dream snippet, but the only part I remember. I remember recalling more of the dream earlier in my battle with the snooze-alarm, but as with all my dreams.....they get lost pretty quickly.

I was looking around the house for something, and having a great time doing it. I recall knowing what I was searching for, but at this point I don't.

When searching, I got to my wife's closet and was looking amongst the things on the top shelf when I found a sort of roll of what I thought looked like very-thin insulation. It was a very small roll for insulation....but it was sort of pink in color and kind of fluffy. (I twas only about 8 inches wide and the total length of it was about 2 foot long)

As I unrolled it I noticed that it smelled like tuna, so I took a bite. It was apparently some sort of dried tuna rol, but it wasn't quite like jerky. It tasted wonderful, and I stood there for a while eating it.....almost forgetting about the search I was just on and trying to figure out why it was there.

I'm not sure if I decided in the dream, or after I woke that this was probably a present that my wife had gotten for me last Christmas because this closet was one of her hiding places. (though she always hid things on the floor)

I'm not sure the dream went much past this.....but I know there was a lot more before...but the discovery of the rolled Tuna made me almost forget the prior search.

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