Friday, July 27, 2007

Live Journal Posts As I Dream

I guess I have been sort of worried about not being able to remember my dreams, so I suppose I actually had a dream that pulled all that a strange way.

I laid down to sleep (this is in my dream) and as I did I tucked a tablet PC propped up on the pillows above my head. As I slept I was going to take notes about that I was thinking/dreaming of.

I began this work right away, scrawling notes in. (apparently the PC had handwriting recognition as I did not have to type)

About 10 minutes into it, I realized that my two dogs were not making notes, and this frustrated me. For some reason I thought we had agreed that we would all take notes, so I poked at them to wake them up and remind them.

Mikey simply rolled over and had nothing to do with me....Elijah got upset and growled, but stood his ground and refused. I tried to ask them for input so that I could type it in, but they simply closed their eyes and went to sleep.

I was frustrated and typed in a long paragraph about this and put my head back down again.

Some time later a cat came into the bedroom and jumped on the bed to sleep. The cat looked familiar to me (for some reason....because I don't have a cat) but I was worried that the dogs would be territorial. But they could care less and just kept sleeping.

The cat however seemed to pick-up on the Journaling routine very quickly, and instantly started making entries. This actually bothered me because the laptop was laying very close to my ear and the cat was scratching the entries in with her claws and it was keeping me my entries then became about the cat keeping me up......and the cat complained about my complaining about her. (it was a regular dueling banjo's situation)

The alarm went off and I woke. (for real too)

NOTE: I typically wake before the alarm, and I might have awoke to a state with regret that I had again not remebered a dream....and in my half asleep state simply conjured up this story about how I might enter my dreams in real-time. I have no clue how or why the cat came into the picture.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Don't Break the Ice!

I'm on a team with 2 other people that I seem to know, but not in real life. We are supposed to walk across this huge field which is made of 2 feet wide blue cubes all wedged together. They are suspended about 30 feet in the air. The cubes are not quite lined up together height-wise and some are looser than others so it is like crossing a rock pier except suspended in the air. The first team across the entire field wins of course. We start crossing and then there is a break in the cubes where you'd have to jump about 15 feet to get across. There is no way that we can jump that far, so I told the rest of the team that I was going to go back, climb down and walk to the other side. This would mean taking penalty points but I didn't see anyway around it. I wasn't going to try jumping across a 15 foot span with a 30 foot drop. My other teammates start getting angry with me but one follows me down. By the time we reach the break, we look up at the suspended cubes and the other teammate is still yelling at us that we need to jump. He said it wouldn't hurt if we fell. The floor is a gym floor covered in interlocking black rubber squares, somewhat padded, but not enough in my eyes. Then the teammate above leaps off and lands flat on his face with a huge thud. I turn away, not wanting to see the aftermath, but the other teammate runs over to him immediately. I start walking the other way, imagining the blood and mangled bones and wishing that it didn't happen. Miraculously, they come running up to me to show me that he is alright. Now, he gets angry with me for walking away. I start to apologize for walking away and that I didn't mean to desert the team and I feel terrible. I wonder how it is that he isn't hurt. Perhaps I'm in the Matrix...

Observations: This cube setup is very reminiscent of the game Don't Break the Ice and also this build-your-own arch from the Ecotarium in Worcester MA.