Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thank goodness for rich relatives

My family and I are driving around in Toronto in a car that is only a 2 seater and the kids and the luggage are stuffed in the back. It is roomy enough for them as there is a large space under the hatchback window for them to sit and play. We are trying to drive to Doug's cousin Allen's house but then remember that he has moved and we don't know where his new apartment is. Suddenly we see that we're being followed and realize that they want us because we've stolen the car that we're in. We drive faster to avoid these people but then the kids start asking to go to the bathroom. I suddenly remember that there is a another cousin that lives nearby so we quickly drive to their house. The address is a building on a city street, so we all hop out, run across the sidewalk, run inside and shut the door behind us.

I'm amazed at the beauty of this house, it is immaculate with tall ceilings, white walls, floor to ceiling windows, and perfectly polished medium-toned wood floors. In the foyer to the left of the door, there is a large table with a centerpiece that is a six foot long ceramic canoe used as a vase. The inside of this ceramic piece is colored from very pale blue to a deep cobalt blue. Inside are an arrangement of fresh flowers that reach three feet above the vase. We are greeted by Doug's cousin who looks like Kate Hudson with curly light brown hair and a warm smile. She is extremely friendly and happy to see us even though we came unannounced. We explain that we just needed to make a stop and also mention that there are people chasing us. She tells us that we're welcome to stay as long as we like. I ask, what do you mean by as long as we like? She says, since you're relatives, you could live here if you wanted, it's a family house. I ask, Permanently? for free? She says yes. I say, sure, let's look around. I start thinking that this would mean relocating to Canada and all the logistics of it but then I just let the house take me away.

Now, this house or rather building is huge and takes up a whole city block. The kids quickly see other cousins that they know and they bring them to the movie theater. I tag along behind them to see what it looks like. There is indeed a huge theater with about 10 rows of seats, a red and white striped curtain and a popcorn machine. The guy running the popcorn machine says that the peanuts are slow getting roasted, but the popcorn is ready. The peanuts are roasting in their shells over an open flame grill. I see him filling up bags of popcorn for the kids and he also has french fries and gravy. I think this is a weird combination, so I try a piece. It is actually quite tasty, but I didn't think Adam would like it because it would be too soggy. Next thing I know, I see him eating a bowl of them and enjoying it. I guess he likes this place. There are about 20 kids and they settle down for their movie, so I wander around some more.

I go up the stairs and am amazed by the beautiful architecture. There are windows along the round winding staircase and skylights above. Sun is streaming in from all angles filling the stairwell with radiant light. The railing of the staircase has two shiny metal bands that curve in a wavy upside down U shape. I look at these bands from above and think that this would make a great photograph. I want to run back to the car and get my new DSLR camera, but not just yet, need to explore some more. I finally get to the other side of the building and there is personal travel agency there. There are large light blue tiles walls with the tiles emanating in a stretched polar pattern from the lower left corner. The sign for the agency over the counter has a retro-looking map of the world in the shape of a football. Here the floors are shiny black tiles.

I walk back to the front of the house convinced that this is the place to live. I look out the window to see that the people chasing us have gotten a hold of our car, which is now clearly a silver Lotus. Someone from the house starts chasing after them on a skateboard. I don't feel too bad about losing the car or our belongings because we can get everything from this house.

Observations: This mysterious Kate Hudson-like cousin is probably Allen's daughter Lara who also lives in Toronto. In real life, she is not independently wealthy but she is nice as can be. I woke up from this dream at 8:05 AM already late for work!