Monday, April 16, 2007

Flaming Snowball Fight with Father Roderick

Ok, so this entry might be a bit obvious....obvious to me as to where it probably came from. It comes from a dream I just had this past morning.

I was driving my car up a road that I had driven up many times. (though not one that I was at all familiar with in real life)

I came to the end of the road, which had turned into sort of a driveway. I noticed that it had not only begun to snow, but that the ground was suddenly covered with it. In fact, the car I was driving started to slip and slide as I drove it.

I ended up driving the car into a snow bank behind the house. (it was stuck) I got out and went into the house. Inside, the house was a very open concept.....but in this case, very, very open. So open that there was no furniture or appliances. In fact, I was searching for a place to sit and all I found were tables to stand against.

While in the house, I guess I was sort of jumped on by Father Roderick, the priest who created the Starquest Production Network (SQPN) and who produces the Daily Breakfast podcast. We started to wrestle and somehow ended up boxing....except we ended up battling it out inWii boxing.

Neither of us won, and we somehow transformed out boxing into a Wii snowball fight....which instantly became more real when we exchanged the Wii controller for real snowballs. The battle started in what looked like the Living room and moved out to the yard where there was plenty of time and snow to continue the battle.

I ran behind the house, only to find that my car was not only still stuck in a snow bank, but that it was now smoldering.....apparently ready to catch fire.

I tried to throw snow on it, but Father Roderick came around the building and started pelting me with snow. I tried to hide behind the car in the hopes that Father Roderick's snowballs would hit it and put out the fire.

He was in fact throwing very large snowballs, but they only put out the fire....but the car continued to smolder.

It was about this point that I awoke from my dream. As strange as it sounds, Father Roderick looked nothing like the real guy. In my dream he was very tall....but he at least did have a Dutch accent.

WHERE DID THIS COME FROM YOU ASK? Well, that is an easy one indeed.

Earlier that day I had dropped something off at Angela's house. (and it was snowing out when I did) While there, she showed me her house. (which did have furniture and appliances) She then showed me their Wii gaming system.

One of the games I played was Wii boxing, and one of the Avatar's on the game is of Fr. Roderick. (though I never boxed Fr. Roderick...I did play baseball with his avatar)

Where the flaming car came from....I have no clue.

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Sven said...

Good Job! :)