Monday, April 30, 2007

Bowling on Twitter

I'm going bowling with some friends and have to walk downstairs to the bowling alley. I'm trying to get a foursome, and I ask my friend Noorul, but she declines and then I remember that she doesn't like to use those communal shoes. I finally get another friend Marty as the fourth (can't remember the other two). While we are bowling, I think I'm doing well, but the score keeps hovering around 9. I finally realize that the scorekeeper is doing it wrong, subtracting points instead of adding them. Finally after we correct the scores, it is around 110. After the game, I go upstairs to a computer cafe. It is full of people with dark red walls and law office lamps with the green glass shades. I sit at a computer and try to write a twitter post about bowling. I can't seem to come up with anything and it is hard to type and see the screen which is tilted towards me on a slanted wall. My boss is standing behind me waiting for me to put up my post. I try to explain that this monitor is screwing me up. I type and it doesn't comes out witty or funny, and then it gets too long, over 140 characters. Imagine twitter anxiety in my dream!

Observations: This dream happened after I replied to geekparrot's twitter post about bowling, to which she replied here. Here is the transcript:
geekparrot: I bowled my best game ever - 144. Hee.
moonfever0: @geekparrot Awesome, real bowling is so much harder than Wii bowling!
geekparrot: @moonfever0 Well I'm still waiting to get my Wii, but yea, ain't nothing like the real thing.

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Bigqueue said...

Wii bowling is only easier because the controller isn't as heavy as a 10-pin ball.

Take it from me, the Wii competition found is Wii bowling is no less fierce. (ok, maybe a little less than boxing)

The twitter connection....that is interesting to me.....though way back when I used to have dreams, the "unable to do something because I felt as though I was moving in molassas" was a dream I had quite often. (yours came in the form of not finding tht writing funny and whitty.....mine was normally litterally due to my being surrounded by brown sticky molassas)

Such is life.....