Saturday, March 03, 2007

Multi-colored pasta

I'm eating in a fancy house which is not mine and we are cleaning up the dishes. I'm supposed to put away the leftovers of the pasta dish, which was barely touched. The large round dish is full of spaghetti with different colors in each quadrant: green, blue, yellow and red. There is more green than any other color. In the center is a pile of shredded beef or pork. I try to pull some of the green pasta up but end up getting some of the other colors as well. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to keep these colors segregated or not, but I manage to slide the whole dish into the container. Then I'm at the sink, looking out the old white painted double paned window and see everyone playing outside in the green grass. I'm wondering why I'm slaving over the sink, am I a servant here or something? I go to take a shower which I know is in a closet of a bedroom. The closet is now filled with boxes and then I realize that it's been years since this shower has been used.

Observations: Yes, this one is pretty disjointed, but I really liked the multi-colored pasta. At some point I also got very angry and upset, but I really can't remember why.

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