Saturday, January 27, 2007

Balancing on Tabletops for Dragons

I'm in a Chinese restaurant in MIT student center for a company lunch. It is a really fancy place with tablecloths and I was wondering when they upgraded their eateries from the old nasty Lobdell dining center. On each table is a small painted jar that looks like a hockey puck. I realize that you need to stand on them on one foot and they will turn into miniature dragons. I hop gracefully from table to table, not disturbing my coworkers sitting at them and balance on all the pucks. A dragon pops out of each one and I gently hop onto the next table.

The waitress said, why don't you try these? She puts an egg into a cup of coffee on a counter that is higher than the table and then another puck on top of some cabinets near the ceiling. I'm doubtful that I can reach the one on the high cabinet, but I do try for the counter. I'm worried about breaking the egg when I stand on it, but do it anyway. This time it doesn't pop, but I do manage to stand on the round floating object without falling. I try to swing myself up onto the top of the tall cabinet, but I hook my legs the wrong way and can't really reach it.

After we return to work, and there is announcement over paging system about the four different types of dragons that were there at the restaurant like a seminar class.

Observations: This dream probably comes from spending too much time the evening before playing Mario Brothers on the Gameboy and jumping on opponents. The whole dragon reference reminds me of the dragons in Harry Potter and the Secrets of Harry Potter podcast that discusses them.

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