Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hooked on hypnosis

I'm in a city that feels like New Orleans, because it feels like very spiritual as in a psychic, ghost-spirit way. I go into an office that practices hypnosis and chiropractic which is actually just a Victorian house. I sit in the waiting room which is a parlor with a curtain hiding the rest of the house. Somehow I have the power to see through the curtain into inside of the house full of victorian furniture. Finally, it is my turn and I go in. They sit me down in a comfortable high back chair and I lean my head back. The lights are dim and they bring over two flashlight-like devices and hold them up to my eyes. I see blue sparkling dancing lights, and in two seconds, I'm suddenly in a trance. I'm completely weightless, and my body is totally relaxed. There are no aches or tension anywhere, almost no feeling at all, as if I am no longer attached to my body. My mind is also surprisingly crystal clear, no cares, worries or even thoughts. It is wonderful to be so completely quiet, calm and relaxed in both body and mind. But alas, it lasts only about 15 minutes and then my session is over. I come back another day and enjoy the experience again, and find myself addicted to the sensation.

Finally I try to get some of my friends to join me. We sit in the waiting room together and I'm going on and on about how this will be the most mind-blowing experience they will ever have. Since we are in a group, they sit us in a theater-like room with rows of fold-down seats. I take my seat and await the blue lights. The attendant shines the blue sparkly lights in my eyes, but I don't go into the trance. I tell them it didn't work. I look over at my friends and can see that they are all in their trances. The attendant comes back and tries to use the blue lights again. Now, it looks more like a pen with a blue light on the end and she is scribbling on an imaginary plate of glass in front of my eyes. It is my left eye that doesn't seem to work and I feel my right side falling into the trance. She shakes the pen as if it isn't writing well and tries to scribble on my left eye again. It doesn't work. She says she'll be right back with some stronger tools. I hear her in the back room switching on some controls. Suddenly I see patterns of colored blocks flying towards me, and although they seem hypnotic, I still don't go into a trance. At this point, I'm getting frustrated because I can't get my fix. More patterns change in front of me. Fractal swirls, popping bubbles, all to no avail. My friends are all coming out of their trances and I've missed mine. I'm very disappointed and hope that my trance days aren't over.

Observations: I've had both chiropractic and hypnosis clinics at work in the past. I find the chiropractic stuff a bit of hokey, but I'm dying to go back and get my neck "fixed" again.