Monday, September 18, 2006

Grenades for the motorcycle gang

I'm in a motorcycle store and they are having an open house recruitment for their motorcycle gang. I am really excited about joining this gang and will do whatever it takes to be a member. One of the leaders pulls out a grenade that looks like a water yo-yo and pulls the top off. He yells, "We're gonna show them!" and lobs it into the next room. Everyone ducks for cover. I, as well as two other people, jump into the bathtub in a bathroom. I figure that if the whole building collapses, I will be safe because the bathtub walls are tall enough to protect me. Because it is crowded with 2 other people in the tub, I make sure that my head and torso are below the level of the sides let my legs hang outside the tub. The bomb goes off and it ends up just being a stink bomb, so just smoke and smell. Afterwards, the gang leader addresses the people who haven't run away from the store and instructs us to set off more of these bombs in the city if we are to join the gang. The cops are starting to show up and we quickly disperse out the back door. I stick the bomb in my mouth so as to avoid detection and it turns out that I can eat the outer jelly surface and it is just candy. I'm left with a smaller ball the size of a large gumball with the top still attached. I wander the neighborhood looking for a garbage can that I can set it off in. Everywhere I look, there are children playing or people walking down the street so I can't set it off. Finally, a distraction occurs and I have a chance to set it off. I quickly pull the top and drop it in the garbage can and run off. I ran so fast that I don't even hear the bomb go off. Finally, I sneak back into the store and join the gang. There are only 2 other people that are there, and I ask why there are so little people. The leader just replies, "Ehh, no one was really that interested." We just sit around and pass a pipe around. I guess that gang life is not all that interesting after all.

Observations: This "grenade" reminds me of the water yo-yo that I got from a fair that day, which I somehow felt was unsafe. The next day, we noticed that it started to leak a little when you squeezed it hard and finally I threw it out. Today, while I was writing the post for the dream, I found this article, Water Yo-Yos Banned in New York. Indeed it is a very dangerous toy!! My kids were swinging this thing around wildly and even jokingly wrapping it around their necks. Good thing is has been confiscated. In reality, I have no experience with gangs or stink bombs or anything of the sort!

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