Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Green Bingo markers and green dragon tires

I'm walking around MIT near the Student Center with an old classmate who I haven't seen since I was a student there, and he's pointing up at the sky. It is full luminescent green arrows that look similar to Magnetic Bingo markers, but in the shape of arrows. He says, "Can you imagine when we didn't have the direction markers for airplanes and when we used to rely solely on air traffic controllers?" There are thousands of planes in the sky and in front of each one there is the green directional marker that automatically point in the direction that the plane is headed. The other planes can clearly see them and they avoid each other this way. I, myself, think that it makes the sky way overcrowded, but it is the norm nowadays, so I just nod my head. He then says, "Can you imagine if people had the same thing?" All of a sudden the space in front of me is filled with these green markers in front of all the people walking. Not only that, there are cartoon bubbles showing some of their thoughts as well. Now, I think this is too creepy, I don't want to be telepathic or anything, there would be no more privacy with these markers! So I say that I really don't like it, makes things too crowded.

We walk down to Amherst Street and suddenly I stop because this antique car catches my eye. It is covered in a green form-fitting hard leather case and all you can see of the car are the tires. I move in closer and see that the tires are not a rubber tube, but actually an intricate carving of solid green rubber similar to a Chinese ivory puzzle ball. My friend is telling me to come on, but I wave him off because I want to touch this tire and all the cool dragon shapes on it. Suddenly it is clear to me that I must talk to the owner of the car and I know where he is. I walk into a Sloan school building (on Ames street now) and into the elevator. I very deliberately press the button for the 8th floor.

(At this point my daughter walks into my room and wakes me right out this dream. Thankfully, the imagery was so vivid, I didn't forget any of it.)

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