Thursday, September 07, 2006

Brawling in a restaurant for coupons

I'm eating in my favorite Japanese restaurant with my husband, a small framed girl from work (who appeared in yesterday's dream in the minivan) and a heavy guy who I don't know. The food is great and near the end of the meal I'm sitting at another table. There I find a coupon for buy one entree and get one free. I'm psyched, as I love this restaurant and am looking forward to coming back. I look back at the other table and the heavy guy stands up, bends over to pick something up, and then purposely puts his butt right in the girl's face. I get really pissed off watching this and when I get up to give him a piece of my mind, I hear him excuse himself to go to the bathroom. The girl gets up to follow him, and I'm trailing behind her a few feet. He turns to go down the stairs to the restrooms and I watch her push him down the stairs and then jump on him and pummel him but good. Whew, I thought, she can take care of herself, no need in my getting involved. After she comes back to the table, the guy has taken off from the restaurant and he was going to pay for the meal. The waitress came by and because we were so inconvienced by having a fight in their restaurant gives us another buy one entree get one free coupon. We walk out of the restaurant, I am beaming and holding the coupons tightly.

Interpretation: I need to get back to this restaurant, haven't been since my anniversary in July. Magically the mother-in-law called today and offered to babysit this weekend!

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