Thursday, August 03, 2006

Welcome to geek sleep

This will be a group blog to post our dreams, so as not to scare the readers of our regular blogs. Please contact Angela if you'd like to join.

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-Quentin said...

I found this blog and always find dreams facinating....mostly because I can "honestly" say that I have not remembered a dream for about 25 years. that's not even totally honest because I guess the only times I remember dreams is when I have a fever and then only on the nights that my fever breaks.

I'm not exactly sure why it works this way, but since I am lucky enough to get the flue perhaps once every three years, so those dreams are few and far between. (I don't remember the last time I had a dream)

I guess I feel in some ways "cheated" because this means that there are large periods of my existance that are blank in my memory.

But, perhaps there will come a day when all those dreams I have had (but not remembered) will come flooding back to mind....all at after the other like a 24 hours Three Stooges TV marathon.

So I will certainly read the posts in this BLOG, and I look forward to reading about a part of my life that I am missing.