Friday, August 04, 2006

Traveling with co-workers

Here are some dream fragments from last night:

I'm traveling for work in some New Hampshire city walking down a street that looks like it could be in Portsmouth. I'm a little anxious because I'm lugging some golf clubs and we are going to play golf, and I know that I can't play. I'm walking behind my boss and a co-worker, C, and it starts to rain. We quickly duck into a shop and it has lots of rooms. C and I end way in the back in a room that is covered only by plastic sheets like in a greenhouse but it is totally dry and the rain is coming down hard. C gets really excited because it is a chocolate shop and he proceeds to pick up lots of packages to give to his girls when he gets back. He shows me a bag that he says are the very best chocolates, it looks like it has individually wrapped chocolates that are the size of plums.

Now we are golfing, but instead of using golf balls, we are using these short sticks to push little chihuahuas towards these small hoops which they collect by putting their heads through. One golf hole has one hoop and another has a bunch of hoops in a row. Whew, I think, I can do this kind of golf no problem.

Observations: It was definitely raining last night. I don't play golf in real life. Am I anxious because I wrote an email yesterday about the motion control system to C and my boss and was worried that I've lost all my mechanical engineering jargon? The chihuahua hoop thing is definitely a reference to this Flickr photo.

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-Quentin said...

Wow..these are the kind of dreams I wish I had....strange. (sorry...seems strange to me)

Were you relieved to see that the golf was something you could do....and did the clubs just transform themselves into these sticks, or was this a "different" kind of golf perhaps because of the rain?

I'm just wondering if the transformation in the dream came because you just could not get yourself to mentally get past playing golf (as in fear)...or you had no actual mental/physical experience to relate to (so you could not "play" that sort of mental movie) and you went to something you perhaps have done, play with FLICKR or small bald puppies.