Saturday, August 05, 2006

A new car

I dreamt that I had a new car, which I thought was a Panoz, or at least that was what I told everyone. It was yellow, a one-seater, open air car, like a Formula 1 car, and I don't think it even had a convertible top. The closest thing that it resembles in real life is a Plymouth Prowler.

It had a trunk just big enough to put my work and gym bags, and when you sat inside the cockpit, it was really tight, but comfortable. The steering wheel was rectangular and it felt like it had rubber mounts to absorb the shock. Something like this, but without all the controls.

It had 12 cylinders and I remember driving out of my parking lot at work with everyone oohing and ahhing. It had a stick shift (no paddle shifters for me) and the pedals where cool perforated metal. I felt really cool driving it.

Interpretation: I need to take Doug's new Corvette to work again (hint hint).

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