Thursday, August 03, 2006

National Guard

I dreamt that Phil and I took a National Guard test and we did so well they wanted to sign us up for security jobs. We just laughed and walked away but this guy followed us out to our car. He put these masks up to the car window to scare us but we just started up the car. As I was driving away, the guy put his face into the driver's window and started screaming, but I just ignored him. He eventually either fell off or jumped off.

I'm sure this has to do with my nephew signing up for the National Guard.

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-Quentin said...

Interesting dream.....masks you Jason goaltender masks, or scary halloween masks? (Ok...I suppose I'm not that dumb....probably gas masks...but my mind is working overtime as I imagine replaying this dream)

I was going to post to this about a month ago, but I didn't want to offend you, your nephew, or any big burly National Guardsman who might live close to my house....but what sort of things did you think you would be doing in the National Guard? (I mean it is sort of Peace Corps of the military least when set beside the Marines)

Sure, I understand the desire to wear those cool looking green uniforms....oh yea, and shooting an M16 is fun (though I've never done that....only an Uzi...which is kind of fun too)

Also....I'm curious about that test. Was it difficult and were you surprised that you passed?

You seemed to almost KNOW you were going to pass and I sensed a great "joy" in your saying "no, I'm not interested" when this representative of the government wanted so badly to recruite you. (I wish that sort of line worked when the IRS guy comes knocking)

Anyways.....Keep posting your dreams. Don't be put off my my silly I mentioned in another comment, I actually DO find it interesting to read about dreams because I never remember mine...I mean NEVER. (I feel as though I am missing a HUGE part of life!)