Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Final Poetry Exam

I'm in school taking courses in Poetry and Mechanical Design. I've sorely neglected my Poetry course because all my time has been taken up making autonomous syringes for the design course. I'm at the end of the semester and there is a take home final exam for the Poetry course. I heard that all the answers are all contained within a house that is located in the country. I take a bus to there with some other classmates, and it is a very long ride. We arrive as the sun is setting, and the late day sun casts a warm glow on this huge log cabin house, with glass sliders along the front. I walk inside the house and it is full of little rooms containing many interesting things. Many rooms have at least one wall full of books and I immediately try to find the book that I need to answer the first exam question. There are way too many books to look through and there is no card catalog or anything. I just want the quick answer so I can get back to my mechanical design project. I walk through the house some more and realize that one room has a machine shop where I could have worked on my syringes as well as study for my poetry course at the same time. I realize that I have a syringe in my pocket so I can do both now. I immediately put the syringe on a machine and went to work, forgetting about my poetry exam.

Observations: I work on autonomous syringes at work, but only the software, not the mechanical design, although I am a mechanical engineer. The mechanical design course that I took at MIT (the famous 2.70 competition) was extremely stressful for me. I hate having dreams about being in school, especially being unprepared for final exams, even though I haven't been to school full time for 19 years. This house reminds me of a cross between the Hands-On Art Museum in Shirley, MA and Dean Kamen's house which I've only seen in these pictures. Hopefully, I'm not sorely neglecting anything in my life!

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-Quentin said...

Wow....a dream with twists and turns. (I mean in the interpretation .... not the dream itself)

Unfinished business at work perhaps? Guilt that you took a vacation from your work duties? You obviously wanted to reconnect with your love....the mechanical work on the automated syringe project.....

Seemed like normal school work trade-off thinking to me....get the work I hate done quick and justify the haste that I do it in by telling myself how much I NEED to work on the stuff I love! (heck...what am I thinking about...this is normal life)

As for missing things in life...we all are....it's probably the reason we all try to better ourselves and get ahead....the desire to gain something we think we need or desire. (otherwise, I might just sit on the couch and eat bon-bons watching TiVo recorded re-runs of Monster Garage all day long)

I like dreams....well, to read about them anyways because I don't have them myself. (except on the few rare occasions when I was sick and have a fever)

I find dreams facinating. I guess I can only dream of having dreams. (day dream I guess)